Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MJQ - Sparks were flying

Imagine this … you sit down at your favorite local restaurant, but before you’re able to make your typical meat loaf order, the same familiar waitress informs you that they are serving Filet Mignon (which normally isn’t on the menu), and it’s free.

This happened to me Saturday – only it was better.

I was ordering a round of beers at MJQ, a club that is literally underground, when I was informed that Sparks, an alcoholic energy drink, was free. This drink is legendary in my circle of friends. I’m not sure why, but it is always greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Sometimes, in an effort to maintain an above average alcohol content and decrease the cost, we mix a Sparks with a Miller High Life, a drink that has been dubbed a ‘Low Life.’ On this day, that wouldn’t be necessary.

It wasn’t like there was a lone cooler off in the corner, with crowds swarming. Sparks, Sparks Light, and Sparks Plus were available at the bar, and I was treated like an actual customer. Naturally, I ordered four and left an ∞% tip.

The Sparks marketing department really has their shit together. For example, they also sponsor the 2007 U.S. Air Guitar National Champion, William Ocean (http://williamocean.com/). Still, I assumed that their supplies would be depleted by the time I’d finished one.

I hustled through my first, and approached the bar with some reluctance, half expecting to be disappointed. I was already having a good night. My beer pong team, The Hurricane Dieselz, had left the party with the best record (5-2) and I was within walking distance of my bed. However, on this night, it was the Steel Brewing Company, makers of Sparks, that took my night to the next level. They refused to let me down. I went back to the bar countless times, and was pleasantly greeted with one of their products.

For such a great night, I make this pledge to the Steel Brewing Company:

“Whenever I’m bordering blackout drunk, and in the market for an alcoholic energy drink, I will buy a Sparks.”

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