Monday, May 25, 2009

Male pattern betting

Nobody likes to lose.

Gather a group of men who have found general success throughout their life, and that desire is increased exponentially. My brother doesn't beat me in ping pong, and I don't lose at Twister.

The addition of money only furthers this concept. I was reminded of my disgusting desire for glory a couple of nights ago when I unemotionally bet that the Cavaliers would beat the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals. A $40 bet now dominates my thoughts.

My beloved Hawks have been defeated, so emotionally I could really care less. However tonight, as I watched the Magic vs. Cavaliers game I was completly attached to the Cleveland team. A missed shot hurt my heart and as their chances faded my mood turned negative.

A lighthearted bet with a good friend is now among my top concerns.

Win or lose, I lose. It isn't worth it, but I will continue to make needless, rash, and uneducated bets. I'm a man, that's what we do.


Corie said...

I think I might secretly be a man.

I can't stop myself from betting and competing.


I bet you 10 dollars that one more person comments.

Reneé de la Curée said...

You would think that being tall would inhibit twister skills....

Corey J. said...

I lost an embarrassing amount of money betting on the cavs in this year's NBA playoffs. We're not so different, you and I . . .